Hello & Welcome! If we don't already know each other I'm very happy to meet you! I'm thrilled you're interested in Misi Inskeep Photography. I'm an on location and studio photographer located in Prophetstown, Illinois. My style tends to be a little posed and a little candid. I enjoy watching a client relax and give me a genuine smile that crinkles up the corners of their eyes. I love the warm glow of the golden hour, soft blurry backgrounds and a clean classic edit that will remain timeless.

I think photos of loved ones are priceless and I strongly believe everyone has a story worth telling. In a year or a decade from now, imagine what it would be like to have the most beautiful portraits of your children and family hanging in your home. The sweet memories of today that the mind too quickly forgets, a printed image never does. Professional archival quality photographs are worth the time, money and energy they take to create.

Beauty is simply reality seen with

 the eyes of love



Misi Inskeep Photography is known for her location-based photography. Misi creates works 
of art that customers describe as fresh, colorful and timeless.

Many photographers specialize in one area of photography. Misi
specializes in photography for life.

Misi is a dedicated photographer with a friendly approach, ready to exceed your
expectations and tell your story through timeless portraiture.

From newborns to senior portraits, your story is your legacy. Let us tell it for you!